[WatchFace] Victory V1-FB Ultra Realistic (Contest Submission)

Well here’s my submission. I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to do with it but time is scarce with a newborn. Still super proud of it though. It really shines on the watch and not in the creator due to the motion sensor lighting. I hope you all enjoy it.

The Victory V1 - Flat Black watch has elevated the Orakix stripes to the next level. Today I’ve taken this realistic face and raised the bar even higher for the Mobvoi/Ticwatch contest. Victory V1-FB Ultra Realistic received a huge overhaul adding even more realism yet still maintaining it’s elegance. The 3D look now has realistic lighting that moves with your wrist and highlights the edges creating a beautiful and timeless watch. The lighting on the hands even move to more accurately reflect the light source. Equipped with an analog battery meter for both your phone and watch, a day of the week dial with the date, and a battery friendly dim screen with not one but two low power modes. At 15% battery power it turns off the motion sensor lighting for a static image and at 5% it forces dim mode to keep you going as long as possible.

This is a preview of where “most” of the motion lighting takes place, all the red parts.

I’ve only ever tested on my watch so if anyone would be interested in testing it out and giving me any feedback it would be greatly appreciated.



Just loaded it to try out.

I am afraid on my Huawei Classic there is no effect visible…

Oh - loaded the wrong one - its not that easy to find the right version via smartphone.

Well, the effect is nice, but not very much visible.Maybe a little bit to subtle…


Phantasico aka GAUSS

That’s very interesting, on my watch I was worried it wasn’t subtle enough. A relative tested on his Huawei classic and he didn’t mention anything about that. I shall check with him again and see if I can get clarification on that. I did have him test the draft not the published face which makes me wonder if the Ticwatch creator did something to it when it published or if it may just be the Huawei. I use Samsung Gear Live and it’s very visible on all brightness levels even after being published. I’m not sure what to do, does anyone else with a different watch want to give it a go and let us know how it worked? @GAUSS can I ask what brightness you have your watch set to and what you have your dim timeout set to?

@syntaxracing Excellent work! I’ve tried it on my Gear S3 frontier and it looks great! I think you can still polish it a little more to increase realism even more! if you want to take it to a higher level, add lights with movement in some elements. I leave you one of my latest designs where I apply this, I am at your disposal for any help I can give you!


First off @GRR thank you so much, that means a lot coming from you. Ever since day one I’ve looked up to you and your brand. Since I want to make the most realistic looking analog watches that I can, naturally I’m drawn to your faces because you are one of the best. I appreciate the feedback and offering your help very much. As for this face, I ran out of time and didn’t get to do everything I wanted to before the contest deadline. Babies are time consuming! Haha anyway, thank you again to everyone that helped and left feedback.
Take care,

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Congratulations, you are on the right track, among all of us we are managing to offer users high quality watch faces like this one you share!

and good luck to everyone in the contest!


Hi @GRR,

what do you mean exactly with

Reflexions and (moving) shadows, or is there some secret ingredient too? :wink:

Hey, @Tomas! there are no secret formulas, simply if you observe my design there are shadows that move in the background and lights that move in the circle and the letters of my logo, those that accompany the effect adding realism! I even believe that I still have things to accomplish in order to reproduce the reality of a clock, but we are on the way to that!


A Smartwatch with a 3d-screen would be a great idea…Nintendo showed that it is possible…

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