[ Watchface ] Wait! I Can Hexplain!

Felt like making something colorful, complicated but simple at the same time.

As always, thanks to @Tomas for the code used here:

  • Each window rotates individually as well as rotating color with its neighbor
  • Current weather conditions alternating with today’s high and low temperature
  • 2 Day forecast so you can plan your weekend! 2 Day highs and lows as well as conditions
  • Sunrise and sunset times!
  • Heart rate featuring animated heart and current number of steps
  • Battery life levels for both your cell phone and watch
  • Current weather icon
  • Date/Time/Day
  • Individual AM/PM indicators


Awesome!! But makes me kind of dizzy!!

psychedelic :slight_smile:

Wow, so harmonius! How could you rotate in that way hexagons background?


I’ve got inspection mode turned on if you want to take a look at things…

But basically it involves two copies of the hex

Rotation; 0
Transparency: $((#Dsm#/2.5)-(floor(#Dsm#/2.5)))<0.33?100:0$

Rotation : (0+(#Dsm#/5*360))
Transparency: $((#Dsm#/2.5)-(floor(#Dsm#/2.5)))>=0.33?100:0$

The copy rotates and then turns invisible. The original becomes visible at that point. So it generates an illusion of movement by showing the rotation (which alternates every few seconds with the non-rotating version).

If you want to see it better explained, go to inspection mode and change the size of one half of the pair.

  • (Try CENTER and CENTER2) Set CENTER2 to WIDTH: 101 and HEIGHT: 90 (this makes it roughly half the size of the original
  • You’ll see the larger hex not rotate and then disappear, at which point, the smaller one will appear and start to rotate. When it finishes rotating, it disappears and the original reappears.

And again, Tomas is the one who came up with the code, he deserves all the credit.

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