[Watchface] walking totoro *feedbacks needed*

I am very new to the website and I am trying different (and simple) designs. This one in particular is for a friend and thus I want to make it perfect! Any suggestions on how to improve it?

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I like the colors and how simple it is. Honestly my only thought is maybe not use the “hands” and just use the characters? Not sure how you would feel about that but
you could move the hour guy closer to the center, move the minute guy just a bit further out and the second guy to the end of the hand, then remove the hands. That being said keep in mind that isn’t necessary to make the face look good, just a thought. I would recommend adding shadows though. I can help with that too if you need. Either way it looks good though, I look forward to your next creation!

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Thank you very much for your feedback and glad you like it! :slight_smile: One more question: is there any online tutorial on how to add the shadows?

Thank you again!

Hi @ele.per.privalia, i have as well a few ideas how to improve your design.

White numbers on light blue Background are hard to read. As @syntaxracing already said, you should use Shadows at the arms and maybe the dial numbers to give the watchface more optical depth. Or/and use a darker background for more Contrast. As an alternative you could insert a picture (bamboo-wood …) to make it even more attractive.


Phantasico aka GAUSS

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Thank you for your feedback! I’ll try to insert the shadows for sure and I will also try the bamboo-wood idea, I really like it! :slight_smile:

Indeed there is a tutorial which you can find here.

There’s always more than one way to accomplish something on your faces so if you just search for shadow in the community you can find other ways as well. This one will give you a basic idea to get the ball rolling though. There is actually a shadow button in the creator if you want to make it even more simple. It’s the white square with the black square behind it. I love the color of the background but like @GAUSS said, shadows being the numbers will give more depth and let you see the numbers better, especially when out doors.

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Thank you so much for the reference! :blush:

I did something similar with a watchface I made recently:

I’d keep the hands but like others suggested move the characters to the outside of the watch.

Here’s how I did it:

  • Create a transparent image 320 pixels tall. Place the character at the bottom of the canvas (if you’re rotating clockwise, make sure they are facing left otherwise you can change direction of the rotation.
  • Add another second hand, this time clicking on the plus sign, allowing you to upload the picture created in the last step
  • On the Align button click the top middle option (there are 9 options)
  • If you want the characters to “walk” at different paces change the rotation value… a fast one would be (#DWFSS#*2.5) while a slower one is (#DWFSS#*1) , if you want to space them out try something like this ((#DWFSS#*1.1)+7) … +/- changing how far away from the default second hand placement. In my watch this allows Iron Man to fly faster than the walking Avengers and Thor’s hammer to go even faster in relation to the others.

Hope this helps!

PS - Shadows would be nice or just outline the numbers with black in Photoshop or something. Or go with shadows like suggested


Of course! I try to help anytime I can. Any other questions feel free to ask, this community is great!

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Thank you so much for this short tutorial! :slight_smile: very inspiring! I have also added the shadows and it looks much better I have to admit! :blush:

Indeed it does, great job. Just that little bit made a huge difference. Contrast plays a big part in designing faces. Some faces are difficult to see especially outdoors. I try to test my faces in all types of lighting and with different brightness levels on my watch. That really helps show where your faces need more contrast in order to make things clear.