[Watchface]... Whiteboard

Most of my design has been in dark colors.
This watch is my first attempt to deal with bright colors.
What do you think about this?


I like white color, so it is nice

Very nice one.

The reason why i prefer dark wach faces is because of the lower battery consumption.

Nice color combination and the battery icon rocks! Well done!

Thank you @GAUSS and @carlosfilippa for positive feedback.
I wonder how users will react to this project?

Go live and see it… its the only way!!

I think you did great. I like what you did with the textures as well as the 24 hour clock integrated into the face.

Thanks @syntaxracing, I like it too, but I’m dissatisfied with the day of the week.
What would you advise me?

I think it looks nice already but i would give you three Tips:

  1. make it Capital Letters

  2. add a small shadow in the field to make it look more realistic

  3. light up the border, it looks a little bit to bold, to prominent

Thank you @GAUSS for a valuable hint , I will work on it again.

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The Whiteboard face exist two days, and has been downloaded more than 230 times.
So I can suppose that my idea of designing a watch in white colors is quite successful.
The chosen course is good, but I have to add a few corrections because still something does not suit me yet…
All ideas are always welcome.

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My congratulations, very interesting project,
so much downloaded in two days shows that the watch has the potential.

Sorry I didn’t respond sooner but it appears as if you decided to just take the Day of the week and change it completely. I think that it does look a bit more realistic in its concept but I think it looked good the other way too. I totally understand the feeling of wanting to keep working on it to make it perfect but honestly it looks great.

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How many downloads you have, one week after publication?

Thanks for your interest. Current position 11 on the top 100, so I’m happy