[WatchFace] Winter Wonderland

Thought I would get all of your opinions on this first before publishing. The bottom info in the snow I tried to make look like it’s in the snow itself. Is it too difficult to read? Thank you and hope you like it.


Funny but the snowfalkes seem to go up and down

Yeah I think I may need to tweak it a bit to make it more smooth.

At the same height it does tend to blend in.

I’d suggest either making the date all numeric and bigger or move the P and W above the percentages.

I tried making some watches look like text written in sand/snow and it’s hard – without premium fonts.

Maybe change the date to a different font or three lines of text stacked on each other.
IE: (line 1) Day of Week
(line 2) Month
(line 3) Day

Thank you @cth4242! I made some adjustments to the text. Still fighting with the snowing effect to get it to work properly.

Yeah it does appear that the snow falls a bit then rises a little then falls again, rinse and repeat. I do like the idea of having a shadow behind the text but for me I think it would be better if you just had all the text in the snow the same color as the grey text. I do love the face though. I always enjoy anything with mountains in it. :smile:

Looks great! Nice snow effect care to share how you did it? :slight_smile:

I always used a modified version of this tutorial:

Just curious how others are achieving the effect.

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Thank you! I was able to achieve it with the help of @GAUSS and his winter face. About to publish this face and inspection mode will be on.

Looks great! I like how you layered the background with the trees, clouds and mountain, it gives a cozy winter globe effect!

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Thank you @cdownie1967! I was going for a cozy winter feel.

Do you make some changes? now it seems much fluid!

Thank you! I did with help from @GAUSS and his code from his winter face.

Maybe darker text in the snow

That’s fair. Thank you for the input!