[WatchFace] WLPR.01

Coming soon.


very nice! i like the graphic.
i wouldnt mind a seconds count under the time but thats just me lol i like seeing the seconds.

but impressive i like it man :thumbsup::thumbsup:

yeah, normally my designs have more movement. I threw the “Facer Made” slogan I’ve been using lately in that corner. Its in a subtle blue like the power levels.

Nice Look! Special and unique.

Only Problem i see is too much Transparency for battery levels, it´s nearly unreadable.



yeah, I was trying to de-clutter a little. I could probably boost the lightness a little to see if there is more contrast.

I would give them a little more brightness and a shadow (doubled text) for a light 3-d look and a better readability.

I bumped up transparency from 80 to 90. Also increased the brightness slightly.

Okay. What about pseudo 3-D Font Shadow? It should improve the 3-d look of the general layout and could give even more depth…

oh i didnt even notice those were there… lol so might i suggest like a glow effect to them to bring them out a little more

Glow effect doesn´t match to the general design…

It´s the wonderful 3d-Look and the Metal construction on different layers that turns this watch face into a piece of art.

Added the drop shadow for increased contrast and visibility.

Yep. Better readabilty.

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Nice and unique! I like it!

Looks good, another great design! I’m a huge fan of anything that looks realistic and/or 3D.