[Watchface] Works in progress

I’ve got a couple faces I’ve been holding off on publishing. Feel like they could be adjusted or are missing something. Any input would be greatly appreciated. First one I have thought about changing the silver elements to something else but not sure.
The second one I feel may be missing something.
Thank you!


Well done! Nice design

Second one is cool, the first one looks, hm, a bit sexual… :flushed:

Wow, I didnt see that!!! :scream: Lol

Great work on both! First one I like it just the way it is. Second one, a question… A little more light on the movements (skeleton)?

I like them both. Especially the second one. But the second one isn’t showing a dim mode

Thank you all! Haha @GAUSS I totally didn’t see that before. Thank you @carlosfilippa. I will add a bit more light to the skeleton portion. And yes @chadwgraves37 I still need to make the Dim mode for the second watch face.

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Both these watch face designs have been updated and are now live. Thank you all for your input.

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