[Watchface] You're in the army now

Always wanted to do a military style watch, so I’ve come up with this (I’m particularly proud of the lume):


Looks great and yes, the dim mode is very nice!

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Love it!

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Thanks guys :slight_smile:


My favorite Batwolf design!

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Thanks @ThaMattie

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welcome Seth! I’d like to suggest you make a new thread to share your faces. I suggest this for two reasons

  1. This thread really should be about the OP’s watch, maybe it’s just me but I kinda feel it’s bad form to post my watches on another’s promo thread
  2. the more watch previews in a given thread the more it seems to bog down the app performance, 3 or more previews usually makes it crash on my phone. So that even further kills the OP’s intent with the thread.

But, this section of the community forum is all about showcasing your work, so by all means, have at it! Start a new thread and share away! :grinning:


thanks @kvansant

Has the classic Hamilton field watch feel to it. Nice and clean… Gut gemacht Batwolf!

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Dankeschön :slight_smile:

Great watch face. Love the night luminescent dial.
Nice job. It is now my favorite mil style watch face.
Clyde Lambert

Welcome @clyde.lambert and thank you :slight_smile: