Watchfaces Cannot be Deleted anymore?

I am not able to delete the watch faces I do not want any more. Like, when you triple-tap the screen; it shows you all the watches you have synced from your phone. Well, I like the new look, you just can’t delete them anymore. And what adds on is once I have reached the maximum of ten watch faces, I try to add a new one, it just replaces the last one, and then if I want the one I replaced later, it will not be there. :unamused: :disappointed: Please fix.

Nico maybe logout and login back in again? I’m not aware of a10-watch limit. I have 12 watches published/live and working on the next one.


I have the same problem @nicooo.h on my Sony Smartwatch 3.
When I load new one (1), and a new one after that (2), the first one (1) disappears from my watch.
Support, please fix this!

@jmorga106 , he isn’t talking about site Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more , or mobile app library, he means on his smartwatch.

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copy that - thanks Mellin. Misunderstood that one

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@Mellin our latest update did limit the number of recently synced faces on the watch to 10. Do you guys feel like it’s not enough? It should only show the 10 most recently synced and eject the older ones.

Well my problem is that it doesn’t eject the older ones. The limit doesn’t matter.

Are you seeing that some of the most recently synced faces get ejected instead of the oldest of the 10 you had on your watch previously?

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I do (Sony Smartwatch 3).
And I also don’t have a problem with limit - I use only 2 faces as my actual ones.
Others are there in order to test new ones I’m working on.

I have right now (among 10) 2 watchfaces that I created: an old version and a new version, and for some reason old one (that doesn’t work properly) is still there, but I need to manually load new one every time I switch it.

Another big problem: No way of deleting watchfaces from that 10 list.
I’ve heard that it supposed to be moved it downwards - that doesn’t work for me.

Huawei Watch 1. Unable to delete any watch face after 10 have been used. If I send one of my own custom watchfaces it will disappear once I switch watchface. Can we go back to the previous method. I like to keep all my watchfaces on my watch.


At least the old deleting system would be nice…

I just have the same problem with my Huawei watch!

Same problem with my Huaweu watch!
It doesn’t behave that way!

Unfortunately it doesn’t behave thaz way!

New watch selector is great - i think 10 is a good number - but please restore delete feature

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Similar trouble with Fossil. Reinstalled trouble is worse…now stored watches display "sync your first smart watch "…so I sync a watch and then go to my stored faces and there it is again…asking me to sync my first watch…earlier version worked fine. Newer version is very glitchy…I used to love this app…now it’s a pain.

All - we just released Facer 3.1.2 in BETA today and it should fix a number of these issues. Please see changelog here: Facer 3.1.2 released in BETA!

Let us know if this new version fixes your issues!

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