[Watchfaces] Retro Inspired Faces

Just a couple of retro gaming inspired faces I recently made.


Congrats on the Top 100 showing! (31 as of this post)

Thank you! I am really grateful to Facer for featuring a couple of my watch faces. It has helped me out a lot. Also I have added a couple more retro inspired watch faces. Just need to figure out how to create a collection to put them into.

No problem, if you need help let me know.

Just so you know, you can have multiple collections, but just three will show on your profile and the watches you’ve favorited will be the first collection titled Favorites.

If you want to reorganize them, the first collection will be the most recently updated one. For example, on my profile I added three watches to “The World Outside Your Window” so it got bumped to first position.

EDIT: Collections don’t have to be all yours either. I have a Star Wars collection and added a couple of my favorites so others with hopefully similar tastes will find something they might not have.

Yeah any assistance on creating a collection would be helpful. Can’t find anything to create one.

False alarm. I figured it out. Thank you.

New retro collection!