Ways to Become Premium?

I was just looking through the top trending 100 and noticed that 5 of my watch face designs are in the top 100 currently. This led me to thinking is the only way to become a premium designer by having 3000+ syncs on multiple faces in a month? Any input would be helpful. Thank you. Just happy to even be in the top 100 much less multiple times.


Congratulations! I’m glad to see your designs are doing well. When it comes to premium, the post says, “To be considered” so it would be best to think of it as a minimum requirement for applying, not a garentee. If premium is something you really want then keep up the good work, keep having fun, and you will be on the right path.

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These are Facer guidelines to become premium designer: How to become a Premium Designer and sell your watch face designs on Facer

However, be advised that it is not a straightforward process as it could seem. There is no guarantee that you will become premium anytime soon. In fact, there’s people who had to call for Facer attention in public, before being accepted into the program, and people who has been privately told they were in the short list for the next round of approvals into the program but are still waiting.

Also, if you would like to sell your watch faces and you are interested in the economic aspect of becoming a premium designer, I suggest you read this thread: Premium Designer program: admission rankings and revenue sharing terms

Revenue sharing terms are unknown until you are accepted into the program since Facer refuses to disclose them in public.