WCCI e WCCT functions

hi, when i put a tag wcct, the program answer in english
like: foggy, clear sky, etc.
i want to translate them in italian.
if WCCI = 10 then: WCCT = pioggia(rainy) else hidden
if WCCI = 13 then WCCT = neve(snowy) else hidden
thank very much.

You are asking Facer for WCCT in other lenguages or a formula to show condition in Italian?

no no, i can translate by text.

WCCT uses the user preferences. It should works on your watch.

Otherwise, you can use a text box with “Pioggia” and add a condition on transparency:

Does it answer to you question?

yes, this is good.
thank you.

sorry, when i move the circle on the time (in the program),
i can show the different numbers and conditions:
1-clear sky
2-partly cloudy
4-partly cloudy

i would ask:
why partly cloudy is repeated 2 times ???
and also for rainy.

11 12 (miss) 13
why miss some numbers ???

and after 13 till 50 are empty

maybe these numbers must be filled by the software operators ???

how i can use a formula like so:
if weather = 9 or 10 show meteo (rainy) else hidden ???

thank for all.

That’s what I meant You can use just one text layer with nested conditional and the text in italian using wcci as condition. The numbers for condition are a international convention for apis and depends of the weather app that uses repeat or show slight differences like partly cloud, broken clouds, scattered clouds, etc And answering @jeberuth, wcct is always in english…
Something like this, you translate to italian:
$#WCCI#==01?Clear Sky:$$#WCCI#==02?Partly Cloudy:$$#WCCI#==03?Clouds:$$#WCCI#==04?Partly Cloudy:$$#WCCI#==09?Rain:$$#WCCI#==10?Rain:$$#WCCI#==11?Storm:$$#WCCI#==13?Snow:$$#WCCI#==50?Fog:$

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The number codes are based on API data responses from OpenWeather. I have some better responses after digging into their website some more:
01 – Fair
02 – Few clouds
03 – Scattered clouds
04 – Broken clouds
09 – Shower rain
10 – Rain
11 – Thunderstorm
13 – Snow
50 – Mist

If you want to get really detailed, I have some further descriptions about the weather details here.

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In some watches that I used WCCT I had responses like “clouds” “fog” “dust” “clear sky” and other more extranges that I don’t recall.:thinking:

very very nice explanation.

thank you very much.

can i know why == (2 times and not 1) ???

if meteo = 50 then fog
if meteo == 50 then fog

if i put only 1 (=) the formula don’t work ?

In some watches works with =
In every watch work with ==
Its a compatibility issue. You can look into the Facer docs about it. Greetings.

ah ok.
thank for this explanation.
for be sure is better i use ==

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