WCCT and different meteo icons

hi, i want create different icons by different meteo situations.
example= if wcct = rain, i use my icon that show rain.
if wcct = sun, i use another icon that show sunny sky.
etc etc.
i have wrote this formula for clear sky:
$#WCCT#=clear sky?100:0$
of course don’t has work.
anyone can tell me how to use wcct
and different icons ???
thank very much.

You have to use #WCCI# instead of #WCCT# in your formula. It doesn‘t work with spaces in the text.


Here is a good tutorial for you:

thank you very much!
i go to try the formulas soon.

hi, i have finish a face minutes ago.
this one has 4 different faces (4 colors) for sunset, day, sunrise and night.
the colors are: yellow, light blue, red and blue.
for some reasons the color for the day don’t appear.
i bet that is because i use the command: send to front, send to back.
can you check if is a bug of the program ???
the digital time must stay on the front (because i need when i check the time for a try).
thank very much.

I will have a look this evening, currently i am on a reptile fair.

But i am not very firm iconcerning formulae…

Your link is only a blank template…

sorry, i think i have close it.
i give you now the right link:

i have fix the problem for the 4 colors.
only 1 problem i still have:
the weather icon don’t has transparency.
so, i have made 1 in white color, but with some
colors during the day i wanted change his color,
but i cannot do.
do you know how to fix the problem ???

hi, sorry for another question.

i have make 4 face colors that exchange by time.

  1. rise = yellow skin from 6h to 9h.
  2. day = light blue skin from 9h to 18h
  3. set = red skin from 18h to 21h
  4. night = blue skin from 21h to 6h

this is the formula i have create:

all is ok till midnight (24h) then the skin turn in black till 6am.
i don’t know how to tell in the fourth formula that check if Db is the next day.

thank for all your help.

Well, i am not that firm in formulae. I would do it in two layer with the same object in same position.

Object1: $#Db#>=21&&#Db#<24?100:0$

Object2: $#Db#>=0&&#Db#<6?100:0$

But there might be an other, simplier solution…

ok, thank.
i can try also this solution.

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