WCCT Tag on watch does not match web designer's

I have a minor issue with the web designer and the WCCT tag. Does anyone else that use the tag experience that the text displayed on the web designer most of the times is not the actual text displayed on the watch? This happens to me using a Huway watch 2 with Wear OS(Android).

This post (Weather Cloudy and WCCI=01) has a table that shows what would be displayed on my watch, rather than the Rainy, Cloudy, etc that appears on the Web Designer.

In my use case I would rather use the text ending in ing. Does anyone know a way I could automatically force the watch face to use it?

I could use some layers and conditions to force it to display the text I want, but I already have a very busy watchface.

Maybe the web designer shows the text it would get from the Apple hooks instead of the Android hooks, or something like that.

Again minor issue yet it bothers me every time I see my watch and I read “A Rain Tuesday”.

Another discrepancy I just noticed. In my watch I read right now “A Clear Tuesday”, but on the Web Designer reads “A Clear Sky Tuesday”. In this case I much rather have the one in my watch, but is another example of the text not being the same.

my assumption would be after the tag #WCCT# add a “ing”?

Yeah I though about that, but I would still need to add a couple of layers to have the ones that need the “ing” added and the ones that dont. Others like " a few clouds" would need to be rewritten entirely.

Have you ever experienced that issue? Do you use WearOS or WatchOS? Sorry for asking too many questions. Just trying to get a general idea of the issue.

Well I personally have android and use wear OS, but making a special photoshopped layer of text to implement isn’t to hard to do which would give you the effect you’re looking for. I’ve done it and I’ve basically summarized the clouds group into 1 and made it say cloudy etc. But cloudy or anything woth clouds wouldn’t really work with “ing” on the end I.E. clouding doesn’t sound right. I understand why you want it for things such as “Rain” with “ing” to make “raining” but for sunshine or clear or fog or mist it doesn’t really go together.