WCCT text outputs?

I’m seeing, at least with one setting, a difference in what is in the editor and what is actually shown on the watch.

In the editor a cloudy day returns as “Cloudy”, but on the watch "Cloudy doesn’t seem to exist. It’s reading “Clouds”. Likewise, when I scroll through the texts using the Time Machine no tags match as “Clouds”.
Does anyone have the actual list of what the text outputs are?


My watchface:

I’m not sure if it’s in their online manual, but this was posted a long time ago.

I’ve been having issues with all of the High/Low/Current temperature tags on my Gear S3, and it seems these Facer folks are not going to fix it anytime soon. So, all this temp stuff available in Facer just does not work effectively as advertised on the Gear S3.

Ya I saw that but it still doesn’t quite represent what we actually get. I guess the only way I’ll find it is if I set up a face that does a wcct=01 down to =12 or however many they have and get the results myself. It would be easier if a developer just opened the code and had a look. :wink:

This is the list I was working with the last time.
1 Fair
2 a few clouds
3 some more clouds
4 even more clouds but still sunny
9 light rain
10 standard rain
11 heavy rain or thunderstorm
13 snow
50 misty or foggy

Just do a search through the community for WCCT. There’s lots of postings.


Thanks, I did do that but as you can see in my screenshots above, they don’t match up. I’m not sure what to make of it, even your list doesn’t match what I’m seeing.

very strange.