We should demand for refund since steps aren't working

This is frustrating. It worked. Then it didn’t. Then it worked and stop working within the same day.

I feel like I have been scammed after buying 3 watches and now, the steps aren’t working.

If the product does not deliver as advertised we should be allow to demand for refund.

Steps are working for me since the last software update. Make sure you have the latest version of Facer.

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I’m experiencing the same issue. I do have the latest version of FACER installed. Very erratic Steps performance. My step count is “stuck” where it was mid-day yesterday.

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Have you tried powering off the watch and rebooting it? Also make sure you are logged into Google Fit.

Thanks. Yes and yes. A reboot resets the steps but it doesn’t continue to update and gets 'stuck" again. Logged into Fit. Fit app recognizes that Facer is connected. Not sure what else to try.

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What type of watch do you have?

Huawei Watch 2 - Wear OS. Thanks

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I don’t have that brand. I guess you’ll have to wait until Facer Support replies here, or see if another owner of the same watch can help. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

I am on the same boat I’m afraid… I own a Huawei Watch 2, with the latest updates installed (Huawei firmware, Google apps, Google Fit, Wear OS, etc. and of course Facer).

When I installed the last Facer update, I could not evaluate its step counting features as I had another watch face active. Yesterday I decided to return to Facer. Since then I noticed that step counting works whenever it wants to (the count gets updated once or twice a day, no matter how many reboots one performs). To make things worse, it blocks Google Fit completely. Neither Google Fit (the watch app) nor its tile works. They are stuck on the same number of steps / heart points / calories / heart beat count - you name it since the last time they get updated, which may happen every 10 hours! Google Fit app seems shows the busy circle - cursor continuously.

The workaround: change face, reboot and voila, Google Fit (and its Tile work again) consistently, that is until you decide to wear Facer as a watch face again… Facer step count gets updated and then step counting gets stuck once more indefinitely…

I’m afraid I have to agree with the rest of the affected users. It is understandable that a feature might not be working or a bug being regressed. If though a bug of a watch face results in disabling a core service of the watch itself, then the developers need to be a little more cautious. Facer has indeed assembled a very rich collection of watch faces. It is a pity not only for the end user but kind of unfair for the watch face creators as well, to be hindered by a bug that hasn’t been resolved for so long.

I agreed with the writers above. The loss of steps count is a serious disappointment & dis-encouragement to us, the users, to continue to use Facer. There is no such problem with steps count, BPM, distance etc in other watch platform.

Unfortunately, I have give up on Facer. It is not doing what it supposed to do. Like someone here have said, it is unfair to Creator and imho, it is unfair for people who have paid for it.

I am using To watch E2. The steps count was erratic at best the last time I tried which was a few since I started the thread. It worked like Linlay had said but not for long. It just sticker like it was with gplustig case.

It is frustrating and disappointing. More so when I have paid for three watch faces. I am sure everyone who has this issue and have paid for watch faces will concur with me.

Update: it seems to be working for now… But the heart rate ain’t bulging. Hope Google/Facer will be able to iron out the kinks soon. So many beautiful watch faces and it will be a shame that they cannot display the details as intended.