Wear 2.0 Only Complications?

Hey guys. Having a few problems syncing a new watchface by tr0n09 to my Samsung Gear S3.

Ended up buying his bulk pack of watches and I’m specifically trying to sync the P101 Princess Cut. But, upon installing the facerapp has a warning saying “Complications Wear 2.0 Only”. What does this mean and why? Is there any way to resolve it? (paging @eradicator09 :o))

Tried syncing multiple times. Gets held up at 50%, crashes after 10 mins, and reverts back to previous watchface that was being used. Using a Samsung Galaxy s9

Thanks all


Do you have an S3 with LTE support?

@Facer_Official Yes. My S3 is with LTE and is fully updated.

Thanks for posting @LinzZz. Hopefully we can get this sorted out with @Facer_Official.

Any update on this one? Did the latest update solve any potential issues?

@eradicator09 @Facer_Official Still crashing. Update did not help. Reverts to previous face.

Have you tried a full uninstall and reinstall of the facer app on both your phone and watch?

Yep. It’s the only face I have a problem with. The rest of them are OK.

Hi @LinzZz and @eradicator09! This is likely a memory issue with that watch face + watch model combo. The LTE models of the Samsung Gear S3 have a bit less available memory than the non-LTE ones.

@eradicator09 - a fix for this one your side could be to decrease the number of layers/images. We’re going to work on optimizations on our side as well but it may take a while before it’s available.

I’m not sure I can any further. It is similar in size to the P104 Grinder design. 24 frames for animation. I did put both through Kraken to lower the file size. Overall I think the images are around 6MB. The P108 MCP design is about 3 times the size at 14.8MB on the images.

@LinzZz did you buy it as a single or as the collection? Can you try one of the other designs mentioned above?

@eradicator09 was part of a bundle. The Nixie grinder one works fine, seems to be limited to just this face. I’ll test the others extensively a bit later and report back.

@Facer_Official So… still cant use the watch face. There is also nowhere online that warns S3 LYE users about this problem. How do I go about getting a credit towards my account for another face until this issue is resolved?

@Facer_Official @eradicator09 Any update to this problem yet? I’m still not able to use this face. I’d at least like a credit package or something towards my account since I bought it.

I’ve been communicating with Facer Support. They are working out the LTE issue. Hopefully we can start testing the updates soon. I also recently replaced my watch with an S3 after dropping my Huawei. I get the same sync issue on some of my animated watches that use a lot of memory.