Wear OS Facer watch faces not showing step count (new in Nov-20)

So, my all Facer watch faces have suddenly (within the last week) started showing step count as 0.

It works fine in the watch itself, and also on non-facer faces, so it’s definitely a Facer issue, at least of sorts.

And it worked fine before, but then just stopped working (not sure if I had an update of anything)

I know this was an issue in the past, but all posts seems to suggest this was fixed ages ago.

FYI I am on a Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS, with Wear OS; all pretty up to date as far as I am aware, I can post the version numbers if this will help.

Same here the calories and step count never work on my TicWatch Pro 3 with the Facer watch faces.

TicHealth and Google Fit does record my daily counts in the apps, so the problem must be caused by the Facer apps.

Hope this problem could be solve soon


Same issue at my end with a TIcwatch Pro 3… The issue is with Steps, Distance and KCal data…

Also I saw in a previous post that when pulling up Facer Watchface for the 1st time on the watch, there should be a pop up asking permission for accessing Google Fit data… but this is not showing up for me and might be that this is the problem.

I think I DID give that permission when I first used Facer for access to Google fit, maybe it has somehow got unlinked in my case (as it WAS working previously for me)

It’s an interesting point if anyone can suggest maybe a way to check that?

Also, not sure if a Facer re-install may help?

Tried reinstalling … doesn’t work…

I just tested using my TicWatch S2 and steps and heart rate are both working on it. I did read in another thread that WearOS was recently updated by Google and has caused syncing problems with iPhones. I’m wondering if this might have had a side effect on the TicWatch Pro 3. I know it seems like it causes some problem every time Google plays with WearOS. I wonder if @Facer_Official knows about this issue. It might be a good idea to contact them at How can we help? Submit a request or email them at: facer-support@little-labs.com and let them know what trouble you are having.

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