Wear Os on Fossil gen5

I am still unable to get Facer app. to run on my gen5 Garret.
Anybody with a suggestion of how it can be done with my iPhone?

I have only done a quick search but it looks like it should be compatible.

Hopefully someone with the same watch and phone will chime in with some specific advice - all I can suggest is the very basic which no doubt you have already tried but just in case :slight_smile:

Have you checked that all of your operating systems and Apps on your watch and phone are the latest versions ( including Facer App on your watch and Facer companion App on your watch )?

By the way, is this your first watch you are trying to set up? That is, have you been able to get Facer working on another watch?

I don’t have the solution exactly but there was someone who had been telling me he struggled for a long time to get Facer working with Iphone and Gen5 Carlyle. Recently he said he figured it out, maybe this will be a clue for you or someone else who can fill in the blanks. he said "I also figured out a workaround for Facer - some weird WIFi notification thing " I don’t know what that means though.