Weather accuracy

So what is the story with weather. The icon seems pretty accurate but the temperatures are always way off. Looking at my watch now the current is 21 as oppose to actual 24 backed up by the BBC and the high on my watch is 24 as oppose to the forecasted 31 by the BBC.

Also tomorrow’s forecast which i assume is day 1 is more like today. Seems all out by a considerable margin when compared to any other forcast source?

Someone @Facer_Official really needs to tweak the weather reference point please. Getting to the point where i’d Rather leave it out than display made up numbers.

Ok. It wasn’t as bad as that. My watch needed a reboot. But it’s still out by a degree all the time for the actual and the forecast disagrees with any source you compare against?

I can’t remember where but I seem to recall an old and quite detailed post that described the correct way to interpret and use the forecast info. Again I can’t remember the detail but there was something about the common interpretation of what day 1 etc. means is wrong …

Maybe it was:

  • current temp. what it is now
  • day 1 is the forecast maximum for the rest of the day
  • day 2 is tomorrow


I don’t know I’ve probably got that wrong but you might find it with a search of old posts about weather tags.

Thanks Mike, I wondered if Day 1 was current day forecast. I’ll dig around later with the assurance of knowing its there somewhere :slight_smile:

So i’m looing around and have learnt that the weather is or was sync’d to OpenWeatherOrg but I cant find the post that clarifies what Day 1 means. Ie is it today or tomorrow and if today whats the difference between Today’s high and Day 1 high as both come out as very different numbers.

Looking at OpenWeatherOrg I would agree that Day 1 tags replicate todays’s High & Low’s so not sure what todays high /low tags are for bcause they dont agree with anything.

ok, so another question then whilst im tidying things up and I am actively looking through the forum in case this is already answered.

What is the tag to get txt to display the Day +1, So in other words txt that reads Tuesday if today is Monday etc…