Weather and temperature doesn't show on ANY watchfaces

It doesn’t work on any watchfaces i have tried. I have payed for face plus and premium. This is extremely bad and i feel almost scammed.

That’s no good, let’s see if we can figure it out while we wait for Facer to reply. First what type of watch are you using and Android or iPhone? Also, do you have GPS enabled on your watch and or phone? I notice my weather doesn’t work unless GPS is active.

Hello I have the same concern (samsung gear s3, samsung s8). There is no git repository to see if we can help?
This is an app level of concern because the other application works perfectly and without seeing need to activate the gps / wifi all the time.

Hello. I have android on my phone, I use a Galaxy watch. I have GPS on.

@Facer_Official any ideas? In my experience with GPS on it should work. Not exactly sure about galaxy watch vs my s3 frontier but it should also ask permission to use location when you sync a face with weather. Did this happen for you @bouteiller.alan & @andreasnordinmail

Full on (gps, wifi) full autorisation and … nothing ^^
I am asked to activate the GPS during the synchronization but it does not matter (I try indoor and outdoor)

Have the same problem.
Samsung Galaxy Watch (SM-R800) + iPhone 6
Doesn’t show temperature, humidity - all weather contents. On all skins.
The same problem is with percentage of phone charge, if a skin has one.
All is “on”: Wi-Fi, GPS, “Weather current location” in Galaxy watch app on phone.

My location is: Belarus, Minsk.

Hi @aliaksei.pinchuk!

Sorry about that - can you let me know what version of Facer is installed on your watch? To know that you can triple tap on your Facer watch face and scroll all the way to the right to see the version number.

Hello, @Facer_Official.

My Facer app on watches is

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Thanks! We’ll try and reproduce this issue on that build. We’ll update this thread when we have some updates.

@aliaksei.pinchuk can you try and change the temperature format from C to F by triple tapping on the watch face and going into its settings? That should force the face to fetch weather again.

@Facer_Official, nothing happens.
In my case it does not show weather at all. Never. Even after reboot.
All is on: Wi-Fi, GPS, Location etc.
Galaxy Watch widget “Weather” shows weather correctly.

The only solution is remove and reinstall facer app again in your watch.