Weather Bad position, So bad informations no matter what

Problem here with my Facer Theme and weather information.

On my phone when I ask " OK GOOGLE " What is the temperature I got the good location and information…
when I look on the Weather app coming with my Asus zenwatch 2, I also got the good temperature and location …

when I look the temperature and location from the FACER app or my Facer theme, I got bad weather information and bad location …

help me please. I already try to set the MANUAL LOCATION or switch between Yahoo weather or the default one and nothing change always the same bad information and position

Sorry English is not my first language.

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Same issue, weather information on Facer Watch face is incorrect and doesn’t agree with OpenWeather or any other weather provider I checked.

Same here. I would like to have weather info on my watch face for “today” and “tomorrow” but it is almost constantly wrong no matter what source I use (OpenWeather or Yahoo).

The weather app on the watch displays the correct weather information - any chance there is a way to tie into other weather data sources?

Still happening. Today it is 8 degrees F on my watch and 20 degrees F on my phone. Most weather sources are stating the current temp as 18-20 degrees F.

When I first started using Facer the weather information always exactly matched what Google said. But within the last few weeks it has been acting up… For a while it would get stuck and not update for days (although I think that one was a problem with my phone), and more recently it updates fine and the condition/numbers are usually roughly correct but the numbers make no sense, like the current temperature is almost always higher than the high or lower than the low. Out of all the problems I have with Facer this isn’t the biggest one but it’s still strange.