Weather city stuck

I traveled to Barcelona Spain. When I came back to the States my watch faces always showed the weather for Barcelona when I was there. It wasn’t even showing the current tempature of Barcelona. I have rebooted my Android and my watch, Casio wsd-f30, and changed watch faces. None of those actions had any affect. It seems either Facer function froze or some other api is not working anymore. Any advice?

I just got an error message. Cannot determine location. HOw do I fix that?

I have an issue sometimes where the weather conditions or temp won’t show up. To fix it, I usually turn off bluetooth and turn it back on again. Sometimes that fixes it. The other thing that fixes it for me is to launch the watch app on your phone, like the Samsung or Casio app, let it connect to your watch, then raise your watch and give it a sec and see if the location/weather updates. Good luck.

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