Weather Condition help

Im using the #WCCT# tag to get the current weather coditidion.

My problem is that what the editor shows and what appears on the watch does not match.
Could this be a setting that Im not seeing? Maybe the editor uses apple watch, and doesnt match up 100% with my android wear? Or could be something else?

This is what the editor shows vs what my watch shows:

In the images A Partly Cloudy Sunday vs A Clouds Sunday.

This probably wont be very helpful, but hey first post im trying to give as much info as possible. Inspect the watchface.

Honestly is not that big of a deal, I can fix it by just adding a bunch more of text to display for each condition, but I want to know if there is a less buteforcy method.
Thanks for any help in advance.

All weather data in creator is current for LA I believe. Little labs aka Facer’ s main office is located there.

Also if you “time travel” in the bottom scroll bar if will just cycle through the various conditions.

I understand that much thanks, I also use the time machine all the time to make sure text doesnt overflow and check how different thinks look. Im still confused because I believe that the WCCT text and the WCCI icon should be some how tied together. If you check both images the icons are the same yet the text is different.

Ah, I see what you mean. I have a little description of the same sort of issue in another post. Took me a while to find it: Weather Icons and Text - OpenWeather API Data
It may help explain the conditions and then the icons a bit. On my 3 day weather design I replaced all the icons with ones I uploaded for a more seamless fit.

I think I will just brute force the solution. Thanks.