Weather Data off on Samsung Active 2

Can you tell me where the Facer app is pulling the weather information from? It pulls some of the right information and some totally wrong information. For example, it is pulling the City and current temp just fine but it is pulling the Hi and Lo for the day somewhere else. The high is for the day is 10 degrees higher than what it should be. I just need to know where the data is pulling from so I can compare watch data to real weather data.

Thanks You,

Other’s on the forum have stated that Facer gets it’s weather from Open Weather which tends to display the weather for the region you’re in not just where your location says you are. That is why the weather seems off all the time, unless you’re lucky enough to be in the exact spot they are forecasting for. I’ve also noticed that the weather will update itself when you open the Facer app. I’ve looked at my watch several times and the weather is wrong. Then open the app, close it and then check my watch again within a minutes time and the weather is “less” wrong. Occasionally it will be correct but not too often. All this is subjective because I’m not a weatherman and I don’t play one on television either. :grin:

Thank you! Samsung does the same thing with their watch designer and that’s why I came over to Facer…lol. No sense putting the weather on the watch because it is way to far off. Had a nice design almost finished for fishing with tons of weather on it but if it’s wrong no sense having it on there.

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