Weather Fixes - Transparency + Debugging Mode

It’s been asked before, but I’m rolling an old request into a new one.

When I use the weather icon, it can’t be set for transparency, so it has to be moved on/off the watchface or masked creatively.

But that/s not that main thrust of this request.

Lately I’ve been trying to incorporate more background changes to reflect weather conditions, but it’s hard to test if not impossible to do so. I would kindly request that something akin to the timeline be added in the form of weather conditions.

As it is, if I want to test for a specific weather condition, I have to “fast forward” the watch and hope I can glimpse the effect triggering. What makes it harder is when you add in transparency effects/timed events/on wake animations which makes it all but impossible to check for.

As long as you’re careful with layer placement you have a chance but for new users I’d imagine it’s very difficult. And even then if you’re playing with a LOT of layers it’s even tougher.


This is true, It would be very helpful to have something like that. Have you tried to just move the timeline slider manually to see if you can get to the point where it activates and then stop?