Weather Forecast - Day Count Issue

After some head scratching and researching OpenWeather APIs, I found something that might help others when adding weather forecasts to their designs.

CURRENT Weather data is correct for conditions, temp, humidity and to some extent Hi/Lo temps.
However, FORECAST DAY1 is NOT tomorrow.

To make matters more confusing, the Hi/Lo temp for CURRENT and DAY1 are close, but not always the same. This is because CURRENT is a dynamic value updated by OpenWeather as the day’s conditions change, whereas the Forecast for Day1, 2, 3, etc are updated less frequently as I can tell.

My recommendation, but open to other ideas, is to either disregard FORECAST DAY1 entirely. Then, use FORECAST DAY2 for tomorrow, FORECAST DAY3 for the day after tomorrow, etc.
Use FORECAST DAY1 for Hi/Lo temps TODAY in combination with CURRENT Temp, Humidity, Conditions, Icon. However, I believe that CURRENT for today is more reliable than FORECAST DAY1.

Most importantly, don’t use FORECAST DAY1 as tomorrow’s data since it is not. DAY2 is tomorrow.

Any other thoughts are welcome!

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