Weather forecast every 2 hours?

Hi I have researched forum is it possible to set forecast for current day every 2 hours.

SO its Now 2PM 76F and 4PM it will be 66F and so on ?

Facer does not have the correct tags to do weather every two hours. The only tags it has is for today’s forecast (day 1) tomorrow’s forecast (day 2) and so on. I would love to be able to do the 2-hour forecasts also, but I’ve never found a way to do it.

thanks again, I think I need to get myself on the feature request forum I’m finding so many limitations compared to other tools I’ve been using for Galaxy Watch and native Android development.

I could make some really amazing Watch Faces :frowning:

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There are tradeoffs for all the watch face making systems. Someone with no experience can make a nice-looking watch face. But if you are good at coding and graphics the sky is the limit…Except for certain limitations on the data that Facer can pull from the watch. I also think all of the weather limitations are due to OpenWeather and their system, not really Facer’s fault.


Facer is the best Creator there is, and as for limitations… well, I’m only limited by my lack of knowledge and skills.

Sure its great just finding I have to do 10x as much work compared to other tools I have used for many years. If you compare to Galaxy Watch Studio I think you will find its a more rounded tool set for what I think should be very simple tasks.

Some of the things I can do in a few clicks with WFS.

  1. Ability to just import bitmap images for digital time and not have to create dozens of layers with complex tag codes.
  2. Ability to import more then 25 images as a sequence for animation.
  3. Ability to custom animations with timeline controls.
  4. Ability to set weather forecast every 2 hours.
  5. Ability to set custom images on a timeline for battery and other complications.

I cant remember the 2h setting in GWD, not to mention it was pretty lame in forbidding combined use of health and weather data on one face.
Its big advantage is, it lets me make faces with lower consumption, changeable images and with shortcuts for free. However the galaxy store has meanwhile turned even more elitist than facer, so publishing there (no matter if free or paid) is almost impossible for newcomer hobbyists.