Weather help. Source and update time

Can you tell me what source the weather weather Data pulls from? Temp never matches the weather app on my watch.

Is there a way to change the source?

Also how frequently is the default update period and how/can it be changed?


From the threads I’ve read here in the community, the source is OpenWeather. The data is for a broad area that you are in, not your exact location which would explain the differences in what your watch/phone says and what Facer watch faces may have. I also don’t believe there is any way to change the source for the weather. I’ve discovered that you need to open your Facer app on your phone a couple or more times a day before it will push a weather update to your watch. At least that is how it seems. I’ve looked at my watch and wondered why the temperature is off, opened Facer went back a couple minutes later and the temperature on the watch is reading pretty close to what it really is. But that is just circumstantial evidence, I can’t prove it works.

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