Weather High/Low does not update

It will be interesting to see if and when they respond!


I am new to both this forum and owning a Samsung Galaxy watch. I too have problems with weather data not showing on Facer watchfaces. I like Facer watchfaces very much, they’re the best. If only weather info would be displayed (correctly.)

As a work around I found out that rebooting the watch seems to tackle the problem, but that’s not really a solution is it?

P.S. Everything else on both the watch and the phone works like a charm. There are no connection/bluetooth/or other issues, apart from what I’ve written above.

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Welcome @petervroegop!

Tizen and Samsung watches normally have the fewest problems so hopefully the Facer guys will be able to sort it out.

Thx Mike.

Let’s hope it will. A search on this forum showed me that this ‘problem’ is not new. I will wait patiently for a better solution than rebooting the watch (almost) every time I want a bug free Facer watchface.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve picked up this information from several different Facer Community posts, so this is just my overview of the issue.

Facer uses OpenWeather ( for their weather source. OpenWeather does not use your “exact” location (no matter what your watch says) and just gives the region wide weather which can be different from where you are now.

You have to make sure your phone is not set to use power management (Adaptive Battery) where it closes “unused” background apps, or at least exempt the Facer app from it.

Next I’ve found that my weather updates more regularly if I open the Facer app 3 or 4 times during the day. There have been lots of times where I’ve looked at my watch and thought that the temperature was wrong, opened the Facer app, closed it and checked my watch and it be close to correct.

NOTE: I’m using a Galaxy S3 Frontier and an Active 2 watch for my daily carry. I also have a cheap TicWatch E that I use only for testing and it seems to have the same issue and cure.

These are my personal observations and are of course subjective: Your Mileage May Vary!

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Thank you, mrantisocialguy. My problem is that sometimes weather info is not displayed at all.
I play with watchfaces a lot, both from the store and from Facer. Regularly changing between them apparently causes the problem. On my watch.
To be continued…:smirk:

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OK, I’ve had that issue also. On my Samsung watch I switch over to a face from Samsung then back to Facer. That seems to force it to display the weather. It mostly happens on my Active 2, but sometimes it does it on my Gear S3 Frontier.

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Do you guys have an IPhone? Just wondering because I can not remember ever having any serious issues with weather on my Samsung Galaxy Watch connected to a Samsung Phone.

For me it’s a Samsung Galaxy 10e phone with Samsung watches.

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Same here Samsung S10e with a Galaxy watch

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Mine is a Samsung A5 ( 2017 ) phone and Samsung Galaxy Watch. Strange that it works ok on mine and not on yours - I wonder what that could mean???

Samsung Galaxy A50 here.

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IPHONE 6S and ok

I know this thread is a bit old at this point but my local forecast (H/L) has been off by 7-8 degrees for a few weeks. Went to the OpenWeather dashboard and it appears it’s an OW issue, not a Facer issue. Just something else to check on if you’re struggling with accuracy like me.

Last weeks I have been monitoring when and/or how Facer watchfaces stop displaying weather information. There is absolutely no way to tell. :smirk:
But, what works for my watch (Galaxy 46mm) is this: switch a couple of time between Facer and other watchfaces and back. At some point, seemingly out of the blue, the weather info for Facer faces displays as it should be. Although nog ideal, so far this works.



I find it amazing, no, disgraceful, that no one from the Facer team responded with an attempt to sort this out or even show they give a damn.

From what I’ve read on the Community Forum here, is that Facer doesn’t monitor every thread. If you want to attract their attention you have to include @Facer_Official in the thread so they will be notified that they were mentioned in the thread. Otherwise they may not find it for a period of time.

OK here it is. Would someone from @Facer_Official respond with some answers?


Remember that all Facer does is request the weather from an API, then display it on your screen. they shouldn’t be adjusting anything, so if it’s not correct, it’s either from the source, or your app is not synching correctly, or your GPS data is wrong, etc etc.

There are a lot of things that can technically go wrong between an api, a phone, and a watch. Personally, my Galaxy Watch seems to deal better with all these things than my Fossil Carlyle.

See my answers here for more details.

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