Weather Icon - Dim Tint

I’ve been designing quite a few faces over the past month or so. One of the frustrating things I’ve noticed with utilizing the “Weather Icons” widget is that there is only one default color for the Dim setting. Is there a way to utilize the color selected in the creator? Many of my faces have a dark theme. When the Dim screen comes on, the weather icons are essentially blacked out making them disappear from the design. I do may own version of dimming by adding a simple square mask in black with the transparency set to limit light output. One thought would be to treat this the same as an image file. I have uploaded my own icons in png format in white. This allows you to utilize the Tint feature and update the color.

See the issue I have on this face:

In the same thread, the text changing to white has also been a challenge to work around. Oddly enough the glow is still in color while the text reverts to white. One option is placing this behind the “dim mask”. This at least gives you the option creating a modified grayscale for the text shone. I assume other designers are getting around this by adding their text directly to their images in post-processing.

@eradicator09 looking into these reports right now! Stay tuned!

It looks like a fix was attempted, but now There’s no separate dim color for the weather icon. Ideally I would like for the weather condition icon to go away in dim mode.