Weather information on IOS

I am trying to display the weather information on my watch paired with an iPhone. When I add the temperature tag, the information does not show up after I sync the face to my watch. Is there a setting on my watch that I am missing or is it not possible to show weather info on a watch paired with an iPhone.


I am having the exact same issue. I have enabaled every location service that I can find as it relates to the android wear app, on the watch itself, and on the iPhone. Weather data is displayed on stock watch faces without any issues. Is the display issue related to the source for the weather data or an app setting? Any insight from Facer would be greatly appreciated.

Facer uses the Openweather API. Anecdotal reports in the community forum tend to believe its not the best data. One issue seems to be that the weather data is pulled more regionally (closest major city). I haven’t found any information on how open the API updates or data is refreshed.