Weather information

Hi there,
I’m having some issues with the weather information (and I have read about everything on the topic in this forum :slight_smile: ). As I try to simulate most possible combinations, I would like to know where does Facer app takes the weather information from (Watch/Devices? Which application/server?, …)
PS: I have a real issue with #WFECI# where it seems its value is the same as #WFETL#. Would that be a possible bug?

What is “#WFETL#”?
I don’t see that tag on the tag list of Facer Creator Documentation.

Sorry, typo, I’m referring to #WFEL# (Weather Forecast 5th day (E) Low).

I’m using mole locations with a 'fake GPS" on my device so I can check several type of climatte, and the Icon number for the 5th day is almost always “around” when not exactly the same as the Low temperature for that day. That goes from -16 somewhere in Canada rto 30 in Singapore…