Weather is wrong on Apple Watch?

If the weather is not displaying correctly on your Apple Watch, then you can try to fix it yourself by checking the following:

  • Firstly, tap on the complication on the face to try to get the Watch to update the complication - note that Apple limits how often complications are updated to save battery charge, so it can take a while for any change to be made. If this does not help then try the steps below and re-tap the complication.

  • Software versions: double check that there are no updates available for IOS, WatchOS and Facer.

  • Check the following settings on your IPhone:

  • \settings\Privacy&Security\Location Services - is it on?
  • \settings\Privacy&Security\Location Services\Facer - is permission granted?
  • \settings\facer\location - is permission granted
  • \settings\general\Language&Region - are all the settings correct?
  • \watchApp\settings\general\Language&Region - have you set this to “Mirror my IPhone”?
  • \watchApp\settings\weather\defaultCity - have you set this to “current location”?

If you change any of the above, restart you phone and watch, wait for the watch complications to update and check if the problem is solved.

If not, then one last thing to try is to

  1. go to the app store and install the free Open Weather app on your phone and enable location permission for it ( \settings\Privacy&Security\Location Services\OpenWeather )
  2. Now turn off your watch, restart your phone,
  3. open the Open Weather App and make sure that it is showing the correct location,
  4. open the Facer app on your phone and make sure that you are logged in,
  5. turn on your watch,
  6. wait for the complications to load and refresh - note this can take a little while as Apple only allows 3rd party complications to update every 15 minutes or so and even less frequently if the watch battery is getting low.

If none of that helps then the best thing to do is to raise a support request with the Facer team -
go to:

To be able to help the team will want to know the model information for your phone and watch and the software versions of IOS, WatchOS and Facer that you have installed. The more information that you can provide, including screen shots of the issue if you can, the easier it will be for the team to help.


I created this post so that we can link to it if we receive comments about the weather being wrong on one of our faces. Please add replies below if you have any other thoughts on what someone might try to solve the problem they are experiencing.



Excellent job Mike!