Weather Location is incorrect for all faces on my Gear S3

I’d really like to use a few watch faces that display my current weather information, but it is wildly incorrect.

I uninstalled the Samsung Facer companion today, then re-installed it so am at version 4.2.11
I’ve made sure the Facer mobile app is updated and it’s currently at version 4.5.19_94452
I’ve tried rebooting both of my devices, but that does not seem to help
The Weather settings have it refreshing the weather every hour and using current location

Is this a completely known issue with Facer not getting access to the current weather location on my watch, and I’m just stuck waiting for development? Is there anything I can do to resolve it that I haven’t tried, or do I just have to avoid all the faces with weather since it’s so blatantly inaccurate on the watch face? And furthermore, why/how is it getting such a completely inaccurate location and not just an empty value? I feel like this would be a non-issue if Facer could access my device’s Weather data instead of pulling it’s own, but if that’s not possible then I’d be happy if it could at least get the location data correctly. I know I had to approve that access when I re-installed the companion app today…

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Hiya. Did you ever resolve this issue? I can’t change my location either. I have hunted it down for me, that it’s locked to Google weather somehow at my old address. And I have had no luck changing it there either to find out if that’s the issue with the wrong location showing on watch faces. Google removed the option of changing locations. I have messaged them. If there’s any updates I will note it here, for it may help others. Thank you.

still an issue. lack of support from Facer seems to be a common issue with many watch faces and developers.

If you do a search on the forum I believe there is a couple of posts addressing how to get a watch to receive current weather data. As for correct location ( if that is the issue ) - location services need to be enabled on your phone and for the Facer App and also it is worth noting that the weather information is based on the nearest weather station which may be some distance from your location and so you can expect to get at least some difference from the actual local weather. I hope some of that is helpful :slight_smile: