Weather location is wrong in builder

I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I am new to building watch faces, and no matter what I do, all weather info is set to Los Angeles. I cannot find a way to change this as I’m building my watch faces. Please help.

Hey @jhazelett72 - Los Angeles is the default for Facer Creator, but your watch will show your set location when you sync it (and anyone else who syncs your watch would see their own location too!).

If you want to try it out, you can use the ‘Sync it’ button!

I have created faces and synced them, but the temp is always wrong on my Zenwatch 2 device.

Sorry Gavin. It only seems to be wrong when I download other user’s free faces. It is just very slow to refresh when I create them myself. Could it be a refresh setting? Is there a way to change the delay on that?

@jhazelett72 It sounds like there might be a technical issue here - do you think you could send a description to We can get someone to help you find the cause there!