Weather Location Not updated, but info is correct

I’ll start this off by stating I’m aware of how/where Facer gathers its weather info.

I’ve also double checked that permissions on both the phone and watch are set to allow Facer to access my location. I could have missed something but I did go and check. The watch was also power cycled after checking. (Insert IT Crowd “Have you tried turning it off and on again” joke here :p)

I was trying out some new watch faces the other day and found one that I like, but the only issue it seems to have is that is lists the location along with the weather info. The weather info itself is accurate. But it lists “London” as the location and I am no where NEAR London. It baffles me how it can register the correct info for the current weather/forecast but show the wrong location.

In the long run its not a huge deal and I like the face enough I’ll probably keep using it and just ignore the location stamp. But I thought I would come see if there was a setting or something I’d missed.

Phone is Galaxy Note 21 Ultra and Watch is a Classic SM-R800 if that helps.

Edited for correct Watch Model


@anjasqurl Do you have WiFi Switched on , on your watch . When we moved house 300 miles nothing in the house would give us the correct Location . The Internet Provider told me to check the Google settings . I told them I wanted a new modem . That Fixed it . They could have reset it remotely but hey we got a new modem for free . Sorry I can not help beyond that . Those watches are a bit old now . BTW I reboot and reconnect my watch and Phone about 3 times a day at the moment . there is a lot of work going on in the background that we will never see,.

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I do have WiFi on. The odd thing is that when I got up this morning and was driving to work I noticed the location had sorted itself out. I have no idea what I did that fixed it, but something must have given it a nudge lol.

I don’t restart my watch that often, but I do it a bit.

Yeah, I know its getting a little long in the tooth, but it still works well and I’ve not wanted to make the investment in an upgrade.


On restarting my watch, I’ve found the best and easiest way is to just turn it off before charging. That way once it’s charged you can turn it on and have a freshly restarted watch each time.


If it isn’t broke don’t fix it . That weather station Location has a mind of it own . I only really use it on a face for testing .

Smart . Got that .

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Further update. I got to work and I’ve noticed its back to displaying the correct weather info but “London” .

I expect that the fact I’m out in the middle of no where for work (Rural USA) is the cause.

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You are probably correct. It doesn’t know where you are and is grabbing the closest and largest region that is “near” you. The weather does the exact same thing and it’s sometimes right and/or somewhat close.

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