Weather location

Hi, do someone know how to change the weather location #WLC# in local location (ie: Paris), not allways Los Angeles?

You simply can‘t change it…

You have to make a trip to Paris, then you will get that weather…

It depends on your geological position. The informations come directly from the weather app from your smartwatch.

Greetings, GAUSS


thanks @GAUSS
so what is the reason of this command #WLC#. If you want to write Los Angeles, you can simple use text instead of #WLC#…
Ok, thanks again, regards

Some Users want to have a display with their current location (weather location)

Los Angeles is only in preview mode used as dummy. When you wear the watch it will use your global position at this moment.

So if you live in Paris it will show „Paris“ on your watch face.

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In creator always will show Los Angeles, what is bad for design because real location can be much longer text strings, so be carefull with the space you asign for that tag. Good luck!


Thanks @carlosfilippa/@GAUSS

The default weather data is for Los Angeles in the creator. Unfortunately no way to change during design phase. Generally there are two workarounds for this:

  1. sync your draft to your watch and test live based on your current location

  2. change the tag to any text string you want (use multiple string lengths like @carlosfilippa suggested) and see how it looks, then change back before publishing. I end up using this method for temps, step count testing (step count only goes to around 2400 in creator), etc.


Thanks and congrats for your FlightSchool