Weather /Moon phases

Hey guys

I wondered if there was an Opacity formula that allows me to use weather icons by day and moon phases by night. Even better if sunrise and sunset was involved.

Thanks in advance


Hi @dave6 Because there is no opacity Tag for either the Weather or the Moon phase you have to send them out of bounds / off stage when they are not required .
So in the x axis position put


For the weather .

If you can not work out what to do for the phases get back .
Basically you just swap 160 and -160 .


I think I follow. Thanks mate let me have a play with that.

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Sorry if it is a bit vague . Make lots of tests . You see the two numbers 160 is the position you want the item in to view and -160 is the out of bounds number . Some use -2000 so it is completely clear that it is no where near the display. :laughing: :grinning:

If #DISDAYTIME# does not work there is another way . As I remember it does not work on some TicWatches.

for example


Thank you. I’m hoping to get time to experiment with this today.

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Please Get back if it does not work . There is another formula that has a bit more grunt as the DISDAYTIME does not work on some Tick watches I believe .

OK, so i’m not sure if this works or if we just have a playback error. For example. I thought i was working in the same way yours does. But if i fast forward time the moon switches in and then stays indefinantly even when the new days rolls over. Or is that just a simulation bug.


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Yeah. Listen @dave6.I have two problems 1 my memory 2 the story is long. So I have not given you the whole story yet.
SO DISDAYTIME SUNRISE SUNSET TIMES only get date for that day = Today.
Also the data is for Los Angleses only.
I cannot Apologise for that it is a Facer thing. Please stay with it. There is more but I would prefer you took it a stage at a time. I could not even pretend to remember what you need to know in advance. I will kindly ask you to inspect some of my work. The Fade to Grey ones have Day Night stuff.

I might be wrong. If you hunt your design down in WatchBox you can run the Time Machine there and see if you get a SR SS Flip. The other thing is to publish it as a test and see how it sims on the Web. I am so sorry I can not remember. Every day is like a brand New Adventure for me. Basically what I am saying it give it a try.


Oh I see, So what I think your saying is the code is written for current day and works, but when I look ahead at tomorrow the code fails because its not today. But in reality tomorrow will never come therefore in real time so the code will always be good. in other words when tomorrow really comes it will actually be today so the code will work. lol I’ve published it with my Apple faces “Today & Apple Pro” Time will tell :smiley:

Thanks for your patience.

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Oh well done Dave. I will look at that. Sadly I do not have an IOS watch. You are on a Learning curve that will Never end.


Without your permission till now I have added a Couple of your Apple faces to my Private collection . As you will see it is very Infant . Two are by a person who is local to me and Two are Published on Facer but are Stock Apple faces with some customisation and cannot be Created with Creator7 . Having said that as a Premium User you might be able to do that trick . You have My respect for creating Something with Native Elements. I am Tracking this topic as I am sure you are . I am more than interested to know if DISDAYTIME works fine on IOS . I am kind of assuming you have an Apple Watch or have a local Beta Tester . Better say No there are many who would love some feedback on a question or two . If you are getting feedback from users that is brilliant . I see you have a Good Following and Limit the number of Published Faces : )


That’s cool. Yes I have an Apple Series 7 but also still have my Samsung. TBH I prefer the Samsung. The Apple is too restrictive and lacks anything real time so your very limited with getting too creative. But I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

I’ve got about 60 faces published for my Samsung :grimacing:


Yeah . Keep at it you have a Style to Share .

Congrats with your Apple Charting . :slightly_smiling_face:

That all worked perfect mate. Moon last night and sunshine this morning. Thanks again.

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Great. Thanks for getting back. Some times you try to help and there is no feed back. So it is great to know it is working.

An easy way to fix a lot of issues is to open the watches dev settings and try moving each on up, or down by .5