Weather not syncing - New to Facer

Hello! I’m brand new to Facer. I have a Galaxy Watch and a Samsung Galaxy S9. I have successfully installed Facer on both my phone and watch, and have faces synced. Unfortunately, none of my face will display weather data. I have turned off Adaptive in my battery so the app will stay alive, and I have tried reconnect to the bluetooth several times. I have also made sure Location permissions are allow to Facer. Any advice on what else I could do to get it to work? It’s happening all faces I try. Thank you!


A hard restart on both my phone and watch fixed it. I had to turn both off, start my phone, then start my watch. I had tried starting the watch first, and it didn’t work. So for anyone else with this issue, try that as well.


This happens a lot. You can usually just launch the app on your phone, let it connect and sync, then wake your watch and give it a sec.

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