Weather on Galaxy Watch not updating (IPhone)

Hi everyone. Does anyone else have an issue with weather on the galaxy watch not updating?

I have an iPhone, latest software versions updated on phone and watch etc. Last night, for example, the weather was showing on multiple faces but today - nothing!

I’ve reset the watch, reinstalled the app on the phone but it seems to be a recurring thing.

I’d appreciate any advice you guys might have. Thanks!

I’ve run into this before. I think it’s an iphone to samsung issue.

Here’s how I make it go…

Once you’ve got the face you want on your watch, launch the samsung app on your phone, wait for it to find and sync to the watch, give it another second or two, then turn your wrist and wake the watch back up, give it a sec, then the weather info should populate.

I’m not sure if you need to keep the samsung app open to keep the weather info up, but it seems to work once you make the initial connection, then you should be able to quit the phone app.

Hope it works for ya.


Great shout. That worked at the first time of trying. Appreciate you taking the time. :+1:t2:

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Great, happy to help, enjoy!