Weather Progress Bar for both °F and °C

Hi guys. So, I have been playing recently with the progress bars to see what can be created with them. But, I encountered a problem trying to create the weather progress bar, considering it needs to fit both °F and °C depending on the user preference. It can’t be done with a simple clamp(#WTC#…) formula due to the numerical difference between both systems.

So, my question is, does anyone know the formula to fit °F and °C into a single progress bar, being the lowest temperature -22°F (-30°C) and the highest 122°F (50°C)?

Thanks in advance!

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This would be the formula, but seems the fill ration does not like conditions…


You might have to use a rectangular shape and play with the width.

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I personaly would have two bars and use the setting to show one or the other . The issue to me is crossing the Zeros in other words the Minus numbers .
Looks fine to me . Well Done Tom.

Hi @zrc98 !

I have a formula for just that - let me dig it out.

This works for circular progress (there’s a bug in the bar progress as @tom.vannes noted above so I’ll add the workaround).

Circle (Fill Ratio on a Circular Progress - the (0.75) limits it to a 3/4 circle - take it out for a full circle, or adjust as you need it):

$#WM#=C?(clamp(#WCT#+30, 0, 80)/(80/0.75)):(clamp(#WCT#+22, 0, 144)/(144/0.75))$

Bar (Width on a Rectangle - the (69) is the full width - you’ll need to add a full-width rectangle behind it for the dimmed colour):


Hope this makes sense!



@EBD @tom.vannes

Guys, you are awesome. As you both mentioned, I encountered the bug with the progress bar, so I used a simple rectangle, altering the width. I just tested it with both °C and °F, and it works beautifully. Thank you so much!

(The weather progress is down middle)



Master Class Bookmarked . :trophy:

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