Weather show different temp and in minus

I’ve use this code for a 6 month and in the last week it’s been show different temp.

This is my code:
I’ve use this code because I didn’t know how to change to C and not for F temp.

Can someone help me?

Hi @Isabag, so far I know, the #WCT# tag shows the current temperature depending on user setting. So, if somebody’s system is running in °C and your code calulate it ones more to “°C” it is not correct at the end.

I do basically using #WCT#°#WM# code and the end user gets the temperature according to preferences.

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Also if you want to show temperature in both C and F at the same time: Showing temperature in both C and F at the same time

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Hi @Mellin, nice expressions as always ;). Would you have any idea to solving also this issue , @eradicator09 published few weeks ago?

Hi Mellin, is there any way to compare current temp in a range (regardless units) to animate, for example, transparency? If a uses celcius values to define a range, in F users that won’t work and viceversa, right?

Pick one and then use one of my codes, but with a changed interior.