Weather Station and Minimalismo Three - my latest two faces

I would love your feedback, especially when it comes to UI design criticism - I am still quite new to this so would love your opinion what can be done better in the future.

I know I’ve seen a link on designing watch face principles, but didn’t click it and can’t find it anymore.
If you have any links that treat on this from the graphical design perspective, element placement and sizing principles etc. I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

Mean time, have at it - let me know what is good and what could be better, every opinion is welcome!


I like them both. What I would suggest is the wind speed. Better round it to one or two decimals, so it does not jump like crazy in preview. maybe like (round(#WND#*10)/10)
Maybe it is not this case, but sometimes it is good to split the hour and minute values and align hours right and minutes to left, so they have fixed position of separator independent from the string lenght.


Magnificent, thank you! I did that and initially saw no difference but whatever Facer needed to do in the background seems to have done it and it looks much better now! Thanks :slight_smile:


akar.zaephyr, both designs are looking really cool :sunglasses:
They both have a great style and the way you’ve laid it all out is spot on, absolutely great work, congratulations :clap: :beers: :trophy: :1st_place_medal:


Good morning akar.zaephyr

The two designs are interesting, but if I had to choose … I would choose the first one … very nice …
I really like how you represented the sunrise and sunset. Also the temperature and the image of the weather in the center … very good.

Here I send you the page of facer where it will help you with some codes and others
Cordiarlly JDCardozo

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Akar. I would say follow your Style. Some times Design Principles Broken are Real Gems. A couple of nice Faces.

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Those are nice @akar.zaephyr , keep it up

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Thank you for your feedback, Everyone, and sorry for responding so late.
Real-life work kept me from visiting here.

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