Weather sync problems

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why the weather info does not synchronized on almost any free watchface? On Samsung S3 Frontier…

What I have learned is, if you are using an Android phone you must make sure that the Adaptive battery setting is turned off or Android will assume that the Facer app is not being used and shut it off. Second make sure you have location turned on in both your phone and watch. Third I have found that opening the Facer app on my phone two or three times during the day forces the app to update the weather. Lastly when all else fails restart both your phone and your watch. There have been times that doing that was the only way I could get weather to update.

I’ve started turning my watch off when I charge it and also restart my phone before charging it and I don’t have much of a problem keeping weather working on my Gear S3 and Active 2 watches.

Good luck!

I’m on an iphone and have the same watch as you. What works for me when the weather doesn’t appear is to turn bluetooth off and on again, then wake the watch and see if it populates, if not, make sure the samsung app is launched on your phone and connected to your watch, then wake it again and see if it populates. Let us know, and good luck!

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trying all that you and mrantisocialguy suggested looks like something worked when I disconnect bluetooth and reconnect it again.

I’ ll try a couple of times more to see if this is a solution.

Many thanks!!!

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No problem!