Weather tag glitches?

OK, so I made a pretty sweet watch face, or at least I feel it was. It worked great for about a week, now all of the sudden, either the location is off (I’m in upstate NY and it’s listing a place in Pennsylvania, Evergreen Mobile Home Park…yeah, a mobile home park); before that started happening, the location was still accurate, but the next 4 days weather hi’s and lo’s were off. The hi’s were off by about 20 degrees. Not sure what the heck happened, but it was running really sweet, now it seems like garbage. Ugh. Any help or explanations? I couldn’t find an email to directly contact facer…

here’s the watch: Silvio - The Wonderful Weather Watch - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

Here’s a screen shot right from my watch with correct location, but hi’s are off by 15 degrees

Here’s a screen shot of the location off by a state…literally

Sorry I don’t know much about how the weather info is transferred to the watch. However, I seem to recall reading two things:

First: is the location on your phone correct? If it is not then it won’t be correct on you watch either. If it is correct on your phone then, mmm, pass … over to to someone else who knows more :slight_smile:

Second: is it possible that the weather is off by one day? That is, if you were to adjust the day by 1 would the weather information come back in to better correlation with online weather info? The reason I ask is that I recall reading that the descriptions of tags can be misleading…

Not sure if any of that helps - hopefully someone who knows what they are talking about will chime in :slight_smile:

No…the cell phone location is correct. I did check that earlier. Also, the weather isn’t off by a day, the hi’s should have all been in the mid 70s. Weird. There’s def some issues or bugs with weather tags. Now today, I am getting correct location, but even current day “hi” is off, its listing the current hi temperature, which is the actual current temp, and it goes up as day’s temp goes up. It does not list the forecasted hi for today. Weird. I feel bad as any people have downloaded this but now functionality is off, and it’s frustrating on a designer’s end as it makes it seem as if I don’t know what I’m doing.

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Yes it sounds weird and very frustrating. There are a number of old threads that discuss how the tags work and their peculiar way of working - I’m sorry I tried searching for them but could not find them. :frowning: