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Weather updates

Good morning. Is anyone having issues with weather updating on the Galaxy watch? I have a really cool face on the watch, but I can’t seem to change the update frequency or where the weather data is being pulled from (it’s showing inaccurate data, sunny instead of cloudy, etc). Has anyone found any fixes to this? I checked in the facer app settings and nothing is there for weather.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve picked up this information from several Facer Community posts, so this is just the overview. Facer uses OpenWeather for their weather source. OpenWeather does not use your “exact” location (no matter what your watch says) and just gives a region wide weather which can be different from where you actually are.

You have to make sure your phone is not set to power management where it deletes “unused” background apps, or at least exempt the Facer app from it. Next I’ve found that my weather updates more regularly if I open the Facer app 3 or 4 times during the day. There have been lots of times where I’ve looked at my watch and thought that the temperature was wrong, opened the Facer app, closed it and checked my watch and it be close to correct.

BTW I’m using a Galaxy S3 Frontier and an Active 2 watch for my daily carry. I also have a cheap TicWatch E that I use only for testing and it seems to have the same issue and cure.

All my personal observations are of course subjective and your mileage may vary.


Wow thank you so much for the detail. I really appreciate it! I have noticed when I travel to another city nearby, the conditions update and seem to be correct, but not where I live. Might just be an open weather issue, and unsure if that could be fixed… but anyways thanks for the help! :blush:

@mrantisocialguy I have the same problem but Your steps do not help :frowning:
Tried restarting the watch too :frowning: