Web client not syncing to watch

Facers web clients has a blue button next to every watch face that allows you to send the watchface to your watch.
I am able to change watchfaces on both my phone and my watch without issue, but from the web client on pc, even though the web client says it was sent, nothing happens. I have tried several browsers including Chrome, Brave, And Firefox, and I tried each browser with and without my extensions enabled.

Are there any known causes for this?

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Hi @Gamegenorator, welcome to the forum.

In order to send from the web page you need to have notifications turned on in the Facer phone App. You can check by looking at the settings tab in the App.

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Hi, @mikeoday

Thanks for the welcome, after enabling the “default” notification type to appear, it is now working as I’d expect it to.

May I ask why sync functionality like this would be tied to notifications in any way? I disabled the “default” notification because all it does is place a notification in my feed that says that Facer is connected to my watch. I have no need for this and would like to keep is disabled, but now it appears it affects my ability to sync from the web client. Why is that?

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I’m glad it is working now.

As for why notifications work the way they do - sorry I can’t help there, I don’t really know. I just assumed you need to have notifications turned on in order for the App to receive the information that you have requested to changes faces on the web page.

I had understood that it is possible to tweak which notifications you get, at least to some extent. Is this not possible in the App on your phone?

I have to admit it’s odd then that notifications should fix it as they should have nothing to do with the communications of the device in any way.

As to how much I can control notifications, Holding my finger down over the app and going into the apps settings and opening the app and navigating to notifications settings do the same thing. They both take me to android 10’s notification settings for Facer in particular:

I would assume it would work differently though on IOS devices or an android device running android 6.0 or lower as 7.0 was when the OS integrated notification setting became a thing.

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Ok, good to know that you can configure notifications to some extent.

I guess you have tried the various combinations to see if they overcome your concern with the following:

Failing that, sorry not sure what else you can do; I suppose you could always turn notifications off and only turn them on when you are planning to sync a face from the Web. I just leave mine on all the time.

It does appear they all have to be on to work. I’ll see if I can build myself a workaround.

Thank you for the help!

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