Web sync problem

Since the previous update the problem with syncing watch faces from my Samsung Galaxy S7 to my Samsung Gear S3 has been solved; however for the past month or more I have difficulty syncing a watch face from the web. One problem with this is that after I design a watch face, I like to sync it to my watch before publishing it so that I can see how it looks on a watch. This often requires that I find it on my phone and sync it since I can’t sync it from creator.
The other problem with not being able to sync from the web is that if I find a watch face I like on the web, I have to get it to my phone by adding it to my favorites or to a collection since I can’t sync it directly from the web.

Hi wsilbers,

I have a samsung galaxy s9plus and the gear s3 frontier. Ive noticed from day one if the sync from the web doesnt sync right away. If i simply turn on my phone (not even activate the facer app) but simply just turn the phone on , the sync from the web will finish with no prob. Not sure if this is a bug or simply samsungs coding. Hope this helps :slight_smile: