Week Days in User's locale/language

Hi all,

I’m trying to set some buttons/lights on my watch face which highlights the current day of week.
At the moment I just have some static text fields in English e.g. Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun but that’s not really useful if the wearer doesn’t speak English!

What I actually want to do is use a tag or expression so that this text changes depending on the wearer’s language e.g. Lun, Mar, Mer, Jeu. Ven, Sam, Dim

To see an example, the watch face I’m working on is here:

Any ideas?

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That‘s what you are searching for:

I think you will need: #DE#. But it‘s only for the current day…

Thanks @GAUSS, but as you say that will only give me the current day, so the text will change every day.

I’ve looked through the Tags documentation and couldn’t find anything that would fit which is why I think it would have to be done with an expression, maybe using #DE# and adding/subtracting values to get what I need.

It would be useful to have a tag/variable which represented each weekday e.g. 1 to 7, so that when used the output would be rendered in the user’s language.

You are right, this would be a nice feature. Maybe the will add it, i remember it was requested already a few times.


Hi dubblebee,

I’ve got a weird solution…
Why wouldn’t you use the #DE# with an image on top (picked from your background), in front of the 2&3 letters ??

This is the text you want to delete. Create an image mask of it from your background

Then you paste your mask in front of the text:

Thanks @yves.duteil that’s an interesting solution, however, there would still be a problem if the user’s language wasn’t French as the letters would be different and have different positioning (I just used French in my original post as a non-English example) so the cut-out/mask wouldn’t fit correctly.


I’ve just seen this :

'#DES# First letter of the day of Week

It seems to be a new feature ??? I don’t remember I had seen it before

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I use #DE# for each day on 7 squares
but in the opacity field of that text i set codes to hide the text if not the current day:
- 1=monday, 2…,0=sunday
- 100:0 : if that day opacity = 100% (use a black tekst) and if not it becomes invisible 0%
(So code above will set opacity to 100% if day =1 (= monday))
Next text i change 1 to 2 (tuesday),….

Next I put each black text on top of individual square figures in bright colour
On these figues I do the same with the opacity

See watchface AVE_22014. (Inspection mode is on)